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Strategic Consulting (AGS)

Through our AGS (Accelerated Growth Strategy) tool we offer specific plansto each of the needs of health technology companies: introducing a new product to the market, repositioning existing ones, improving their commercial performance or designing a new strategy that helps them be present in a new market or even a new one. European country with a commitment to mutual success.

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Portfolio analysis, competition and market potential

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Analysis of direct sales or distribution channels

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Product knowledge: Accurate information on the benefits of the product.


Define the strategy and action plans

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Define customer needs

(the need behind the need)

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Define objectives through mutual agreement

Urgencias médicas

"Europe is a great opportunity for biopharmaceutical companies and those that offer innovative health technology. Companies that want to be present in a stable and profitable market, with the help of a trusted partner."


National market analysis of the product to be marketed

Business plan for launch and marketing

Strategic advice on the most appropriate marketing channel

Selection of the Direct distribution channel (OEMs): definition of the commercial structure profile

Selection of the Indirect distribution channel (independent third-party distributors)

Performance analysis and performance evaluation of the chosen distribution channel

Plan for access to the regional or national market, aligned with the commercial plan

Creation of new Health Technology business units

Implementation plan for a new subsidiary in Spain

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