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“We are a strategic consulting company that offers support in the process of introducing new products, new companies, repositioning them and improving commercial performance to companies in the field of Health Technology in Europe.”


The medical technology industry positively impacts the European economic and social sphere, generating more than 760,000 jobs and 140 billion euros in market value. This encompasses any company that provides a product or therapy for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or monitoring of diseases, deficiencies or injuries that improves the quality of life of its patients.

Spanish health technology represents approximately 8% of said market and occupies 5th place; after Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. 


MedBrok is a company that provides effective strategic consulting services through its AGS tool and interim management services to European healthcare technology companies.


If you are a company that offers Medical Devices, In-Vitro Diagnostics and/or Digital Health


If you are a Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology company, or that offers Medical Devices, Digital Health and/or In Vitro Diagnostics

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